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Issues checking out of the webstore:

Every now and again I will get a message from a customer to say that they are experiencing issues checking out, it doesn't happen that often so it does not alarm me.


However if I contact the IT dept. of my web hosting platform there is nothing they can do if I cannot explain exactly what the customer is seeing and what URL is in the browser at the time, obviously this is incredibly difficult as I am not with the customer and sometimes the customer will send screen shots which are great... but its 'sods' law that when myself and IT are communicating we are not having any issues using the website checkout or with the back office of the store lol so its a lost cause.


IT will always recommend the customer 'clears their cache' on their browser and tries again which is difficult to explain remotely.


I have found the below 4 step guide has remedied all issues I have been notified of, so I have put it in a video where you can see me going through each step on my browser (I used my mobile).  I recommend you watch the video and it shows you exactly how to clear the cache, use another browser etc. if you are not familiar with those things, I know I certainly wasn't before putting together this website!


1: Refresh the page

2: Clear Your Cache

3: Use a Different Internet Browser

4: Use a Different Device (Mobile, Tablet or PC)