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Acne Advice and Skin Care Routine

by Emma Thompson on April 16, 2022

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Acne skin can be oily or dry, sensitive or inflamed, or all of those together.. there are many types of acne, and it doesnt just affect the face.

You should always consult your doctor for medical advice.  

I was an acne sufferer and had struggled for 20+ years (tried everything including prescription medication). Nothing worked!! Until I discovered the answer lay in my hives and my gut!

Before I begin with my advice & routine first let me explain how my gut affected my skin and how I fixed it.  I came to realise in my utter desperation that gut health, your gut microbiome is essential for healthy skin. I thought perhaps my gut microbiome was weakened and I read that to fix it, probiotic foods and supplements were necessary.

After a lot of research I began to consume as much foods rich in probiotics as I could and I also take a daily probiotic supplement  BIO KULT which we sell on our website also. Healthy skin starts from within, and if you look after your gut it will help your skin.  Always consult your doctor before taking probiotics if you have any gut issues.

Within a few weeks my skin had started to improve and combined with the honey & beeswax skin care below then completely cleared ....and I have never looked back.. thats why I was compelled to start my business selling the skin care I had created for myself to help others.

It is important for us to stay affordbable to all budgets, as I once was a struggling single mum with acne who couldn't afford skincare.  The routine below is the full/extended routine, however if you are unable to purchase everything at once then I suggest the following products as a basic routine:  Lets Bee Clear or Lets Bee Detoxed soap with konjac sponge> Bee Beautiful Face Cream or Magnesium Lite Lotion> The Beekeepers Intense Skin Balm


You can view the full product list by clicking HERE

Step 1:  Remove makeup with one of our beautiful cleansing oils or balms CLICK HERE TO SEE RANGE (emulsify with your fingers) and remove with microfibre Clean Sponge which has been soaked in warm water... your makeup including eye makeup will slide off!

Step 2: Gently polish the face to remove dead skin debris using our Let's Bee Polished Daily Face Paste.  Use after removing makeup (if wearing) and before washing the face, use once per day. Ideally have a slightly wet face and dry hands. Take a small amount of paste into the hands and massage into the face, for a more gentle polish use with wet hands and a wet face. Rinse and cleanse with our Let's Bee Facial Soap (next step).  

IMPORTANT:  If you have thrown the kitchen skink at your skin before switching to Bee Haven (so basically your skin is 'all over the place' sensitive, spotty, red, dry, over-reatacting) then do not exfoliate for the first 2 weeks after starting this routine....with either the Lets Bee Polished Paste or Coffee and Grapefruit exfoliator (mentioned below).  And if your skin is very sensitive skip these steps altogether ( steps 2 & 6).

Step 3: Wet Konjac sponge in warm water, using the Lets Bee Clear facial cleansing soap, or Lets Bee Detoxed facial soap to create a nice foam, wash and rinse your face twice.

Step 4 (Day-time):

SPOTS/ACNE WITH OILY SKIN: Apply a 1 or 2 pumps of Bee Beautiful Magnesium Lite Lotion to your face and neck.  Nourish your eyes with our Bee Beautiful honey and oatmeal Eyecream.

SPOTS/ACNE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN :Apply a bean sized amount of Bee Beautiful face cream to your face and neck.  Nourish your eyes with our Bee Beautiful honey and oatmeal Eyecream.

Step 5 (Night-time):  Use a bean sized amount of The Beekeepers Intense Skin Balm  over your face and neck and allow the magic to work over night as you sleep.  In addition magnesium chloride is an amazing addition to any skincare routine treating acne or breakouts, try our Orange Magneisum Butter 3 evenings a week either mixed in with your skin balm, mentioned above, or on it's own instead of the skin balm, both options are amazing.  The orange essential oil in this magnesium butter is also great for spots and breakouts.  Our skin balm and magnesium butter have different active ingredients so its important (in my opinion) not to rule out either, for instance the skin balm doesn't have magnesium and the magnesium butter doesn't have honey.

Step 6 2-3 times per week deep exfoliation using my Coffee & Sugar Exfoliation Scrub.

Step 5 1-2 times per week use a clay mask (team it up with the times you exfoliate) to draw out impurities, help with blackheads and brighten skin. Take 2 teaspoons of any of our clay mask powders and dilute it a little with witch hazel or rose water until you get a paste consistency.  Apply the paste to the face and leave for 15min. Rinse offClick HERE to see our clay masks etc.

Body / Back Acne (Backne):

Wash body with Tea Tree Beeswax Soap using a Jute Exfoliation Mitt *  Or if you do not want to use a 'bar of soap' then use our Tea Tree Shower Gel which is handmade by us using our own formula, natural liquid soap and real essential oils.

Use The Beekeepers Intense Skin Balm, mentioned above on the spots.

* STOP USING DETERGENTS TO WASH IN (ALL SHOWER GELS, ALMOST ALL SHOP BOUGHT SOAPS - the harmful ingredients in these are doing untold damage to your skin, and most likely causing dryness and annoyance which will result in increased spots on the back and shoulders.

Please refer to each product for allergy info.