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Acne Advice and Skin Care Routine

by Emma Thompson on April 16, 2022

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Acne skin can be oily or dry, sesnitive or inflammed, or all of those together.. there are many types of acne, and it doesnt just affect the face.

You should always consult your doctor for medical advice.  

I was an acne sufferer and had struggled for 20+ years (tried everything including perscription medication). Nothing worked!! Until I discovered the answer lay in my hives and my gut!

Before I begin with my advice & routine first let me explain how my gut affected my skin and how I fixed it.  I came to realise in my utter desperation that gut health, your gut microbiome is essential for healthy skin. I thought perhaps my gut microbiome was weakened and I read that to fix it probiotic foods and supplements were necessary.

After a lot of research I began to consume as much probiotic foods as I could including raw milk, kefir, kombucha and making my own yoghurt.  I also took a daily probiotic supplement called BioKult.

Within a few weeks my skin had started to improve and combined with the honey & beeswax skin care below then completely cleared ....and I have never looked back.. thats why I was compelled to start my business selling the skin care I had created for myself to help others.

Step 1:  Remove makeup with Lemon Cleansing Oil or Lavender & Lemon Myrtle Cleansing Oil (emulsify with your fingers) and remove with microfibre Clean Sponge which has been soaked in warm water... your makeup including eye makeup will slide off!

Step 2: Wet Konjac sponge in warm water, using the Lets Bee Clean facial cleansing soap to create a nice foam, wash and rinse your face twice.

Step 3 (Day-time): Apply a bean sized amount of Bee Beautiful face cream to your face and neck.

Step 3 (Night-time):  Use a bean sized amount of The Beekeepers Intense Skin Balm  over your face and neck and allow the magic to work over night as you sleep.

Step 4:  (Not related to ance) but to help with puffiness around the eyes during the day use a tiny amount of Cucumber Hyalauronic Eye Gel.

Body Acne:

Wash body with Bee Salty Himalayan Salt & Beeswax Soap using a Jute Exfoliation Mitt

Moisturise body with All About the Base (honey and beeswax) Cream

Target infected spotty areas with CBD Rescue Balm with Tea Tree.  You will have to purchase the CBD product via an online form as this website platfrom does not allow vendors to sell CBD.

Please refer to each product for allergy info.