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The Bee Haven Beekeepers started out when founder (Emma) took a (later in life) interest in the behaviour and life-cycle of the honeybee.  It all happened after eating real comb-honey for the first time in the comfort of her living room.

After researching everything she could online the next step was to enroll in a local beekeeping course to see if the hobby was for her.  Her father (David) retired around the same time so he accompanied Emma to that course and the rest is history, in the making!

As they devleoped as beekeepers the Bee Haven Bodycare cosmetic business did too, initially as another hobby for Emma when she started making honey and beeswax soaps and balms in her spare time.  This quickly grew into a healthy e-commerce business and a cosmetic brand in its own right.

Emma & David were never interested in working the bees to produce excess honey, or any other byproduct, but instead to help these amazing insects by looking after them ethically and educating the public about honeybees and their importance.  Ofcourse there is honey and beeswax in the bodycare range but this is only ever taken from the bees after they have got what they need.  Bee Haven do not clip Queens wings or remove honey during nectar flow.  In their own words 'the bees come first'.

Emma has since formulated their own unique body and skin care portfolio of more than 80 products, which have been certified and are available to buy via

Bee Haven is still a family affair!  David and Emma beekeeping together.  Emma making each product, lovingly and in small batches.  Liz (Emmas mother) also helping in production and doorstep deliveries.  Emmas daughter (Brooke) assists in her spare time to oversee admin and also support the picking, packing and dispatch of website orders.  They even added a #beecar to the family when they transformed their smart car into a bumblebee!

Emma educates on the importance of bees via social media under the moniker Miss Bee Haven and between TikTok, Instagram and Facebook has close to 70k followers.  Just search @missbeehaven123 to join in on the fun.