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I am Emma, founder of Bee Haven Bodycare & The Bee Haven Beekeepers Ltd.

I suppose my journey started at a very young age when I was hunting for insects in the garden, making mud-pies (from actual mud) and playing with my chemistry set!  You could say my future as a beekeeper and cosmetic formulator was fore told…. however I had no idea this was my ‘calling’ until 2018.

After a few years as an over-enthusiastic apiarist I endeavoured on a journey to cure my own acne and at that point discovered my panacea lay within those hives that I visited, and cared for every weekend.

Since then I have worked hard to create a certified range that I am extremely proud of, one that has been shipped to almost every corner of the globe, and last but not least, one that I would describe as ‘affordable luxury’.

Dad and I have hives throughout Co. Down, Northern Ireland and the rest of the family are involved in various different aspects of the business.

Bee Haven Bodycare is produced by me in a small cosmetic kitchen at home, everything is made in small batches and hand-finished. 

Eco-friendliness is very important to Bee Haven, we only use plastic wrapping in our products where necessary.  Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Fun Soaps and Salt Bars for instance as these naturally attract moisture from the air.  And we always opt for biodegradable or compostable plastics in those instances.  All our packaging and labelling is printed at home, by me, ensuring our carbon footprint remains as low as possible.

In the spring and summer we also dedicate a lot of time to educating people on honeybees and bumblebees via our social media channels (TikTok, Instagram & Facebook - @missbeehaven123).

I hope you enjoy browsing my store and I look forward to making some wonderful, affordable bodycare and gifts for you!

Emma x