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Teenage Skin Care Routine

by Emma Thompson on April 06, 2022

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Teenage skin can be a mixture of oily, dry, acne or pimples.  Implementing a great skin care routine early in life is important.  Bee Haven products are made with natural ingredients and harness the power of the hive. 

Step 1: IF MAKE-UP IS WORN Remove makeup with one of our beautiful cleansing oils or balms CLICK HERE TO SEE RANGE (emulsify with your fingers) and remove with microfibre Clean Sponge which has been soaked in warm water... your makeup including eye makeup will slide off!

 Stay away from makeup wipes.

Step 2: Wet Konjac sponge in warm water, using the Lets Bee Detoxed facial cleansing soap to create a nice foam, wash and rinse your face twice. For oily but mildly sensitive skin use Lets Bee Clear, and for very sensitive skin use Lets Bee Clean.  If you are unsure about your skin type always opt for the sensitive product to be safe.

Step 3 (Day-time): Apply a bean sized amount of Bee Beautiful fragrance free face cream to your face and neck.  For teenage boy use Bee for Bloke Cooling Face Cream.  If sensitve always opt for the fragrance free cream.

Step 3 (Night-time):  Use a bean sized amount of The Beekeepers Intense Skin Balm with Lavender over your face and neck and allow the magic to work over night as you sleep.  If sensitive use The Beekeepers Intense Skin Balm fragrance free

2-3 times per week exfoliate using my Coffee & Sugar Exfoliation Scrub.

Top tip.  Use a clay mask twice a week (team it up with the times you exfoliate) to draw out impurities and brighten skin. Take 2 teaspoons of any of our clay mask powders and dilute it a little with witch hazel or rose water until you get a paste consistency.  Apply the paste to the face and leave for 15min. Rinse off. Click HERE to see our clay masks etc.


We always recommend looking after your friendly gut bacteria balance by eating foods rich in probiotics or taking a daily probiotic supplement like BIO KULT which we sell on our website also. Healthy skin starts from withhin, and if you look after your gut it will help your skin in return.  Always consult your doctor before taking probiotiucs if you have any gut issues.

Please refer to each product for allergy info.