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Switching to a Bee Haven Shampoo

by Emma Thompson on April 11, 2022

Whether you are switching from 'shop bought bottle shampoo' or another 'shampoo bar' my advice below is the same.

But first a word on how my bar differs from the two other types mentioned above.

Most solid shampoo bars and all liquid shampoo is synthetic.   Solid shampoo is often referred to in the industry as SYNDET (Synthetic Detergent based) a mixture of waters, perfumes, surfactants and other active ingredients.

Bee Haven Shampoo however is made from natural ingredients including beeswax and is marbeled with honey.  This is a soap shampoo bar... a 'hair soap' if you like!

It was formulated by me for my own brittle hair which was breaking, limp and very sad... it transformed my hair! I realised I had made something very special and so I proceeded to get it certified and place it on the market to sell and help your hair too... it has quickly become a best seller!

Transition Period

The PH of my hair soap shampoo bar is different to the synthetic products mentioned above... it can take a few washes for your hair to accept it... I always say a week or 3-5 washes.


Place the bar in the palm of your hand and apply in circular motions to the scalp, mid-lengths & ends. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

Suitable to use every day if you wish.. or if you are a person who only washes their hair a few times per week then repeat the process above 2 to 3 times..if your hair is oily then the first 2 shampoos will break down the oil barrier and you will only get a foam or lather on the 2nd or 3rd application.


Do you need a conditioner? It's up to you... I don't.. I do sell  conditioner bars but I sell probably 1 to every 40 shampoo bars! So it's evident most of my customers don't either.

I prefer to apply a small amount of my Beeswax All in One Lotion Bar on dry hair to tame frizz or as an overnight treatment occasionally.  It's also great as a natural hair pomade.

Again,  bottle conditioner is synthetic.. I don't see the point in using a natural shampoo and applying a synthetic conditioner ontop unless you have very dry or unruly hair and then it's understandably essential.

I developed the All in One Lotion bar mentioned above to be suitable for hair and it contains Argan Oil.  However it's not designed to be added to wet hair in the shower and rinsed out, as you would traditionally with bottle conditioner.. but instead applied to wet hair (or dry) hair.  A small amount warmed it the palm of your hands applied to the hair works perfectly.

Lastly shampoo bars can be a 'marmite' product, some people love them, others hate them..  but at only £5.49 it's definitely worth a try.  It is also certified for use on the face so it won't go to waste! 

My shampoo bar will last on average 1 month depending on usage, hair length & type.

Suitable for all hair types.

I have many customers who use my Shampoo Bar for itchy dry scalp or other scalp conditions.  Always consult your doctor for specific medical advice regarding skin issues.